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Elevating Seafood Excellence


Aramtec Blue is a new subsidiary of Aramtec, one of the leading food service companies in the Middle East, operating for more than 45 years. Aramtec Blue was established by the Aramtec leadership team to provide our commercial clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality seafood items that are 100% traceable. We source globally from select fisheries and handle the majority of processing in-house at our state-of-the-art facilities in Al Quoz. By controlling the supply chain, we ensure that quality and standards are upheld at every stage of the process. Understanding our customers' needs and collaborating with them on menu curation ensures that they receive the right products that satisfy their diners' tastes.



Our clients have expressed a need for specific types of seafood depending on their businesses. We work with restaurants, hotels, catering companies and airlines. Aramtec Blue's seafood offering includes fresh and frozen fish and shellfish imported from North America, Europe, and Asia with half of our imported seafood harvested through sustainable aquaculture.



Aramtec Blue processes and cleans fresh fish, shrimp, squid, lobster, crab and scallops to order.

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Who we are


As a family run business, sustainability is one of the key driving forces behind what we do to help insure our kids and the generations to come. We believe by supporting and protecting local and national fisheries today, we will allow them to continue sustainably for many future generations to come. Aramtec Blue is a seafood food service company that sources, processes and distributes traceable and sustainable seafood to its F&B, Hospitality and Airlines customers.